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"Most communication resembles a Ping-Pong game in which people are merely preparing to slam their next point across; but pausing to understand different points of view and associated feelings can turn apparent opponents into true members of the same team." 

Cliff Durfee


Neuro - Linguistic programming

Time Line Therapy TM

Energy Psychology

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Penny Rush

Penny has combined a business career with a growing passion for complementary therapies and the value they can offer individuals and businesses...


Laura says...

Penny is a fantastic practitioner, receptive and caring and, because of this, I was able to discuss my fears and feelings openly...

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What is your dream scenario - How about your staff looking forward to coming to work every day, wanting to perform to their full potential, and all within a supported environment?

Unfortunately, the reality is often different:

70 million working days are lost every year due to mental ill health, with 10 million working days being lost specifically because of work-related problems.

Staff remaining in work without the support they need cost UK businesses up to £15.1 billion a year.

Staff turnover as a result of employees leaving their jobs because of mental health problems costs £2.4 billion.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Your business can save money and improve its performance by creating a mentally healthy workplace and by providing support to your staff when they need it.  We can help you turn the dream into reality.

We run a range of workshops and coaching sessions for groups and individuals.  Before we recommend the approach that we believe will be most successful we will meet you, free of charge, to take a brief, talking through the challenges you’re facing and what you’re looking to achieve, giving you the confidence this is the right approach for your business.

Throughout our coaching, we employ effective Emotional Intelligence competencies to help your staff:

  • support their own emotional self management – curbing negative feelings and encouraging motivation and engagement

  • develop empathy, enabling them to sense how others feel and so be more effective communicators

  • encourage collaboration, enabling them to work seamlessly as team members

  • control impulses  - those who delay their gratification tend to excel

The key topics we focus on include:

Stress Resolution
Traditional stress management techniques focus on identifying, coping and managing stress.  We aim to offer training which seeks to resolve the underlying causes of stress, providing a much deeper solution.

Happiness at Work
Research proves a relationship between happiness and workplace success.  Happy people earn more money, display superior performance, and perform more helpful acts which typically exemplify success at work. (Boehm 2008)

Businesses with a higher than average employee happiness rating exhibit better financial performance and customer satisfaction.  Positive psychology has become increasingly popular and valuable tool with which to manage and develop staff.  When these positive practices are put into place generally the outcome is a real direct benefit to the productivity of the business and to a happier healthier employee.

Overcoming Procrastination
“Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow”. Sound familiar?  Procrastinating is a constant problem for many staff.  In many cases, they are held back by simple fear and indecision.  Do you know how many decisions in your business aren’t being made because of a fear of change?  Or a fear of making the wrong decision?  Or even of being successful?   We can help to combat procrastination tendencies, helping staff previously unable to make those difficult calls, conduct presentations or confront difficult issues find the motivation to achieve their full potential.

Public Speaking Confidence
Public speaking can be a daunting prospect for some people we can give employees real and lasting solutions to public speaking nerves and anxiety.  We look at negating the physical symptoms of public speaking nerves, getting rid of the memories of any previous bad experiences and planning for future successful events. For further information on a Randomised Control Test on reducing public speaking anxiety click here

Follow up sessions on a 1:1 basis are available subsequent to any training together with ongoing support.



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