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  "What we think, we become.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.

With our thoughts, we make the world."

The Buddha

Your business can save money and improve its performance by creating a mentally healthy workplace...

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Neuro - Linguistic programming

Time Line Therapy TM

Energy Psychology

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Penny Rush

Penny has combined a business career with a growing passion for complementary therapies and the value they can offer individuals and businesses...


Laura says...

Penny is a fantastic practitioner, receptive and caring and, because of this, I was able to discuss my fears and feelings openly...

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Energy psychology provides a safe environment within which to make changes such as:

Sports Performance:
It is generally accepted that, at the top levels of sport, the major differences between players and teams is their level of 'mental toughness' and focus. This is evidenced when an athlete produces excellent results one day and dismal results the next. The athlete has the same physical ability but cannot access that ability - often because of negative associations. These negative associations, once identified, can be easily treated.

EFT and NLP are excellent not only for assisting with emotional blocks to performance, but also for enhancing performance.  There are many potential areas for applying EFT to enhance performance in sports.

These include:
Releasing tension/anxiety associated with performance. 
Releasing the negative emotions and effects of past failures which could be creating negative beliefs.
Addressing the athlete's self-image/identity, and eliminating any negative self-beliefs which could hinder peak performance.
Identifying and strengthening positive self-beliefs and beliefs about performance.

The conclusion from a Randomised Controlled Blind test on athletic performance stated that:Clinical reports and accounts from coaches and athletes note that EFT is practiced in professional and college level golf, baseball, and American football. This study indicates that a very brief application of EFT, administered in a compressed time frame similar to the duration of a game, can increase performance in high-performing athletes. The free throw performance of both women and men benefited from EFT. The use of EFT for stress reduction in sports warrants further empirical evaluation. Further study is required to determine if longer courses of EFT produce changes in vertical jump height, or greater improvement in free throw scores. The study of this technique in healthy populations and peak performers opens up new potential applications for Energy Psychology.

Click here for the full report: Athletic RCT

Exam Nerves:
Do you suffer with anxiety, are your nerves getting the better of you before taking exams?  A certain level of anxiety is a natural body response but EFT can help overcome anxiety and allow you to focus on the task in hand.  So before you are about to take your driving test, GCSE’s or A levels contact us to see how we can help and give you the confidence to pass with flying colours!

For further information on a research study with college students for anxiety click here



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