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"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honours the servant
And has forgotten the gift."

Albert Einstein


Your business can save money and improve its performance by creating a mentally healthy workplace...

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Neuro - Linguistic programming

Time Line Therapy TM

Energy Psychology

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Penny Rush

Penny has combined a business career with a growing passion for complementary therapies and the value they can offer individuals and businesses...



"EFT with Penny has been a very positive experience for me. In recent years I have struggled with relationships in my life and couldn’t understand my reaction to these situations. With Penny and EFT I felt for the first time that there was hope that my state of mind could be changed and I wasn’t actually going mad.

Penny is a fantastic practitioner: receptive and caring and, because of this, I was able to discuss my fears and feelings openly. Working with Penny I have made some major breakthroughs, some at quite a deep level. I have been amazed by how quickly EFT works and I have also found the ‘filtering’ concept in NLP helpful in my daily life.

I thoroughly recommend Penny and her EFT/NLP coaching.  Thanks to her I am looking forward to a more positive future."   

Laura, 39

" Penny is a caring & intuitive practitioner of EFT who has introduced me to this valuable tool and gently guided me along on my journey.

My lack of confidence and self esteem and feelings of anxiety have improved beyond recognition since attending my sessions with Penny.  She helped me to ‘unblock’ my negative thoughts and feelings - I really did feel a lift in my spirits.

I am now generally a lot more relaxed and less fretful. The technique is simple but effective and I now have a self help tool I can use if ever I feel anxious or upset."




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